About Me

My Love Of Words

My love of words began at an early age. My mother always had a lot of books so there were always around me and then, of course, I learned to read and that was it! A fascination with these little portals of magic began! By the age of about 12 I discovered fantasy and then science fiction and never looked back!

Reader To Writer

My love of reading then progressed to a love of writing my own stories. I remember being heavily influenced in one of my early stories by Star Wars. I no longer have that story which is probably a good thing! : ) 

Over the years I have written, but never really completed, several projects until I wrote a MG science fiction novel called Space Rats. This one I actually published after reading loads of articles on self-publishing and wanted to dip my toes into the waters.

I then proceeded to publishing another Space Rats novel and a MG fantasy novel.

I now have plans to try and develop my career and, through lots of hard work, be able to support myself full time by doing something I love!

Follow My Journey

I would love it if you would support me in my writing journey. Bookmark this website; follow me on Facebook; subscribe to my newsletter and all the other social media that I've linked for you. Let me know I'm not alone in this! : )